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Buenos Aires AttractionsBuenos Aires Tourist Attractions - You will find so many attractions worthy of seeing in this fine city. One of the very best is the Obelisco. This is where a lot of musical performances and celebrations are held for the city. It is lit up at night and looks fantastic against the black of the night. Another fine attraction is Tren de la Costa where you ride in an air-conditioned carriage on a trip through wonderful shopping and historical districts. You can get off the carriage and visit different themed areas. It’s a fantastic time.

You’ll want to visit the Teatro Colin and take the tour of the areas finest theatre where the operas, symphonies and ballets are held. It is a phenomenal theatre. The Parque de la Costa will keep you entertained with roller coasters, live performances and an IMAX theatre. This is a real treat for everyone who attends this fantastic park.

If you are staying in Buenos Aires over a Sunday you need to go to the Barrio de San Telmo between 10 and 6 and see the fantastic, famous Tango. This is a must see. The Puerto Madero is another fabulous day of interesting happenings. Two floating museums will keep you enthralled for hours.

There are quite a few places of interest all through the Buenos Aires City and they all are worth seeing. If you have the time you should see them all. We have picked the Buenos Aires Tourist Attractions that we found the best and listed them below.

Intersección de Avenida Corrientes y Avenida 9 de Julio
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1043 Argentina
Phone: Not applicable
The Obelisco is 70 meters high and inside has a 200-step stairway used to do maintenance jobs. It is a meeting place for musical performances and celebrations and political demonstrations for the city. The Oelisco was dedicated in the year 1936 and at night it brightens the sky with white lights.

Tren de la Costa
Italia 105
Partido de Tigre, Buenos Aires 1808 Argentina
Phone: +54 11 47326000
The Tren de le Costa is an 80 passengers, air-conditioned carriage that takes the tourist on a trip through the Buenos Aires past. It stops at eleven stations and each one has its own history and special theme. There are shops and restaurants at every stop from Olivos to the Tigre delta.

La Martina Polo Ranch
Vicente Casares
a 52 km de Capital Federal
Vicente Casares, Buenos Aires 1808 Argentina
Phone: +54 11 47650808
The La Martina Polo Ranch is the place to visit to see the polo ponies. It is an important polo school and swimming, horse back riding, polo and paddle are all practiced at La Martina Polo ranch. On weekends you can assist in the training and matches of the ponies.

Parque de la Costa
Vivanco 1509
Partido de Tigre, Buenos Aires 1808 Argentina
Phone: +54 11 47326300
There light shows and dancing waters fountains, roller coasters, live concerts and circus performances. The Parque de la Costa offers an IMAX theatre and an amphitheatre. This park is the only one of its kind in all of Latin America and there are restaurants and short catamaran trips down the river.

Teatro Colón
Libertad 651
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1012 Argentina
Phone: +54 11 43787132
The Teatro Colón is the opera house of Buenos Aires and the acoustics are fantastic. 2500 theatre goers enjoy the ballet, Colón's own Ballet Estable, Filarmónica, The Symphony as well as opera in this awesome building. There are tours available to the public. The interior is dramatic including a huge chandelier in the theatre hall.

Barrio de San Telmo
Defensa 1200
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1065 Argentina
Phone: Not available
This is the site of the tango, held on Sunday from 10am to 6pm. The Barrio de San Telmo is on the oldest street in the city and there are indoor flea markets, old mansions and an antique market than residents and tourists visit all the time. In a historic corner of the city this neighborhood also offer fine live performances and fun for all.

Puerto Madero
Avenida Alicia Moreau de Justo 200
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1007 Argentina
Phone: Not available
In this 15-block area there are two ships, the Corbeta Uruguay and the Fragata Sarmiento from the Argentine Armado, which are floating naval museums. There are also many restaurants, bars and shops in the area for a day of learning and fun. The are was abandoned until 1994 when this complex opened up.

Plaza Dorrego
Defensa 1000
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1065 Argentina
Phone: Not available
Plaza Dorrego is the site of the San Pedro Telmo Antique Fair. This a true experience in the culture of the Buenos Aires area. There are tango dancers, musicians, mimes and street vendors. There is lots of singing and dancing along cobblestone streets and bars and restaurants along the way and enjoyment for all.

Catedral Metropolitana
Avenida Rivadavia y San Martín
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1033 Argentina
Phone: +54 11 43312845
The Catedral Metropolitana was finished in 1862. Great Liberator General Jose de San Martín are in a guarded mausoleum at this catholic cathedral. Liberty, Commerce and Labour are the three statutes around the mausoleum, as well as the seals of Argentina’s neighboring nations. There are paintings and sculptures from 18th century artists.

Plaza de Mayo
Avenida de Mayo 800
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1084 Argentina
Phone: Not available
In 1580 Plaza de Mayo was the center of the city of Buenos Aires. Pirámide de Mayo was the city’s first monument. It is surrounded by the Catedral Metropolitana, the Cabildo (Town Hall), the Banco de la Nación (Nation's Bank) and the Casa Rosada (Pink Government House). Every Thursday is Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, which is women gather to pray for their missing from the 1980’s military rule.


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